Copy of Harvey & Duchess: 07.03.2018

Available Puppies:
      For more information or to reserve your puppy, please contact us here.
      We are one week old!  
      Clare is a blue female with the most incredible blue coat and the sweetest face.
      blue female frenchie   
      Clare blue frenchie female      
      Carl is a stunning lilac male with a very light coat.   
      lilac french bulldog puppy
      lilac french bulldog puppy
      Carson is our biggest boy, and he happens to also be a lilac! 
      Carson lilac french bulldog 
      Carson french bulldog belly
      Charles is a gorgeous chocolate male with a solid white chest.
      Charles-Chocolate frenchie puppy
      Charles - French bulldog puppy
      Chester has a sleek and very solid dark chocolate coat. 
      Chester- Chocolate- Frenchie puppy
      Chester- chocolate frenchie
      Caden is the sweetest chocolate male, and he has the cutest face. He will often fall asleep in your hands when you pick him up.  
      Caden french bulldog
      Caden- Male Chocolate Frenchie
      Harvey & Duchess French Bulldog Litter
      Sleeping baby frenchies
      Lilac french bulldog puppy