Harvey - Chocolate Pied French Bulldog Stud

Harvey Chocolate Pie "Harvey"
Chocolate frenchie stud
Hi, I'm Harvey! I am the original Sterling Frenchie. 

Harvey is a Chocolate Pied Stud that carries blue and the "a" gene. Not only is this guy ridiculously handsome, but his personality is to die for. VERY symmetrical pied markings, Short legs. Compact body. Harvey is a proven lilac producer!
DOB: 2/16/16

Genetic Testing
AY/a, co/co, D/d, E/E, n/EM, KY/KBr, S/S
Health Testing
CMR1 = n/n
DM = n/n
HUU = n/n
JHC = n/n
Weight: 29 lbs
Stud Fee: $1,200 to approved AKC females
Chocolate frenchie
chocolate pied stud
Pied french bulldog