The Investment of a Sterling Frenchies Puppy

Not all Breeders are Created Equally
Puppy Prices Below

You’ve made the wise decision to add a French bulldog to your family, now what? If you are like most of us, we take to google. You search “French Bulldog Puppies” and are immediately bombarded with an overwhelming amount information. There is no question, you have options when it comes to choosing a breeder. So what qualities should you look for? 

You found a Frenchie for $2,000? RUN!

French Bulldog puppies are not inexpensive. All of us are shocked the first time we see the price tag for one of these bundles of joy with bat ears. This is not because of breeders being greedy, there is a reason. The majority of Frenchies cannot conceive naturally, and they certainly cannot birth naturally with any element of safety. So, you guessed it, your puppy was most likely conceived through artificial insemination and welcomed to this world via cesarean section. Wait! That’s not all. For the next 7-14 days your puppy lives in an incubator. This requires your loving breeder to help the mother nurse every two hours, around the clock.

Are you exhausted yet? This is just the start. We have reproductive care, stud fees, general vet care, health testing, vaccinations and general doggy expenses to pay for. So, think to yourself, would you be able to take care of a puppy properly and sell it for so little? The answer is a stern NO! You are not getting a puppy with a sterling start to life.  

What is health testing?

The health of your puppy is a direct result of the health of the parents. It is important that both parents have been both DNA tested for common genetic disorders and cleared by a vet for general health prior to breeding. Do not take this lightly.  It is important to note, that health is not just physical! It is imperative to find a breeder who has the time to physically exercise, mentally stimulate and love on each of their dogs individually. The health checks don’t stop there. After the litter is born, every single puppy should be examined and cleared by a licensed veterinarian prior to heading to their new family.

The Bottom Line

Quality French bulldogs are an investment. What you pay is what you get.

We strive to be transparent in our pricing and every puppy is unique. With this being said, our puppies start at $3500. This includes limited AKC registration, a one-year genetic health guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations, A vet check (with health report), deworming, and everything you could possibly need to give your puppy a sterling start to life. When the puppies are born, we will give you an exact price of that puppy, and it will not change.

  • Blues, Chocolates, and lilacs will always start at $4000.
  • Tan Point dogs will always start at $5,000.
  • Structure and genetics will also influence price.

We do not offer full AKC rights often, but when we do, that price will be discussed individually.